Flathead Valley community members are opposed to a proposed lower valley site for an industrial Septage facility. The site is feet away from critical protected lands, bird migration paths, abundant wildlife, livestock, agriculture farmland, historical homesteads, Wiley Slough and waterways to Flathead lake, and our homes. The Flathead County Commissioners have approved the purchase of a 36.19 acre property that could serve as a new regional septage facility in the county. The site contains only 22 usable acres due to its location within the 100 year floodplain. This facility has been declared, “A place that would be able to handle all of the county’s septic waste that gets generated.” The site is located in the center of a series of waterways which feed directly into Flathead Lake. For some unknown reason, the county says there is no requirement to perform an environmental impact assessment prior to proceeding with the land purchase. We support an independent environmental impact study, prior to the purchase of land. The purchase price for the property, located at 305 Wiley Dike Road in Lower Valley, is $1.5 million with a closing date in March. The sale price is nearly three times what was initially approved in October. We are urging our fellow Flathead Valley residents to hold accountable our local government in performing their duties with diligence. Please sign our petition, attend local meetings and let your voice be heard.

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