Over the years, this exact location has been many things: The Sprague Saloon in 1905; a popular billiards hall during The Prohibition; The Darnell and Schaefer Saloon in the late 1930’s; The Club Bar for 27 years; and Casey’s in 1967. In 2011, my husband, Michael Goguen, purchased and rebuilt the ailing structure that had been in place for the last 106 years. This is the building that we are in today. Regardless of all that this location has been, it has remained one thing: 101 CENTRAL, the only historical gathering space in Whitefish that creates memorable experiences on every level for those who appreciate a balance of quality and comfort. Herb & Omni, located on our main level, features an elevated dining experience. Named for the terms herbivore and omnivore, we pay special attention to detail in finalizing dishes for everybody and every body; from vegan to carnivore and everyone between. Chef Earl Reynolds and his team expertly curate rich flavors while using as many quality, local ingredients from Flathead ranches, farms, and purveyors as possible. We strive for excellence in customer service by building and maintaining a “people above all” and “kaizen” (kai – like kite – zen) culture. The relationship between employees and owners, employees and managers, and employees and guests, is serious business. We believe that a happy, confident, and empowered employee guides each guest to an extraordinary experience that can be shared by all. This guest experience is what we hope to be most known for!

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