"Church of the Cross is a new church community that believes that the Gospel changes everything. It’s a safe place to bring your questions and doubts. It’s a place where you don’t have to believe what we believe to be our friend. We're here for Good." We say the above paragraph almost every week when we gather together. It's what we hope to be. It's what we hope to embody. We certainly have a ways to go but we get glimpses of our goal almost every Sunday. COTC started with three couples in a living room in late 2015. We wanted to start a church in Whitefish that would seek to love and serve the city, a church whose people would seek relationships and build community with others, a church that values worship as central to the life of all people, and a church that is firmly rooted in the Gospel, or good news about Christ. Even if you’re reading this and could get on board with maybe one or two of these ideas but aren’t sure or have doubts about the others, that’s ok, we get doubts and talk about them a lot around here.

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