The beginning of Valley Banks was truly a community effort and one of the things that makes small town life so special. Members of the community from up and down the valley came together to raise the capital necessary to get a local community bank off the ground. With the support of locals Michael Ruhkala, Kenneth Hurt, Robert Erickson and Chuck Norman, Allen Buhr’s dream was nearly realized. Even after the community business leaders had come together, they were still short of funds. At that point the journey was reminiscent of an old fashioned barn raising. Today, the dream continues with branches in Ronan, Arlee, Hot Springs, Thompson Falls, Pablo, Polson and Saint Ignatius. All operated by members of their local communities. In the words of Allen Buhr, Valley Banks prides itself “in supporting those who support us.”









Valley Bank of Ronan is a bank located in Ronan, MT.