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Blackfoot is your reliable, local provider for internet and phone service. We proudly serve homes in Western Montana and Eastern Idaho, as well as connect businesses across the Pacific Northwest. Blackfoot is headquartered in Missoula with offices in Bozeman and St. Anthony. Learn more about what Blackfoot can do for your business, home and community below. Blackfoot began with the idea that when people connect, they can accomplish more together than they can on their own. Named after the Blackfoot River, our roots lie deep in the lasting relationships we’ve built with our customers. Since 1954, we have fostered a reputation based on exceptional customer service and community involvement. In recent years, we’ve expanded our markets and enhanced our product lines through infrastructure investments and acquisitions. Since 2010, Blackfoot has invested more than $50 million in our broadband infrastructure, giving us one of the most advanced data backbones in the region. In 2012, we added deep business expertise and broadened our reach by acquiring Cutthroat Communications out of Bozeman, Montana and the Eastern Idaho operations of FairPoint Communications. Headquartered in Missoula, Montana, today we employ more than 180 professionals throughout Montana and Eastern Idaho.