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Would you like to generate some EXTRA MONEY?

Do you have land with timber?

Do you know if your timber is healthy?

Is your timber and land safe from wildfire?

If you are not sure about your Timber's Health, and if your Land, Timber and Home are Safe from Wildfire or if you are looking to bring in some Extra Money. Contact Jared Fitchett at J. Shar TimberHarvesting for a free consultation and I can assist you on making the best plan for your timber land.

  • 20 Years Experience
  • Fully Insured
  • Accredited Logging Professional through the Montana Logging Association

We have some of the newest logging equipment technology and low impact on the ground of anyone in the area.

There are several different markets available right now if sorted properly. We will market your timber for the highest value possible.

Jared Fitchett, Owner



Family Owned & Operated

We focus on harvesting timber today for a better, healthier stand for tomorrow