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Established in 2009, Tamarack is a family-oriented business founded by a group of friends with different backgrounds essential to the industry. The co-founder of the Tamarack has always been extremely passionate about growing and plant genetics while fellow co-founder of Tamarack has a strong background in business studies. Together, they realized how the market was emerging and decided to seriously pursue their involvement in the industry after realizing the medicinal benefits and relief infused products and smokables offered. This dynamic partnership amongst friends evolved into a successful business venture. Committed to overall excellence, Tamarack is fully compliant with SB333 and all of the rules/regulations under the D.P.H.H.S.’s Montana Medical Marijuana Program. The Montana Medical Marijuana Program has started processing all applications and renewals in Complia, which is only available online. We are proficient in Complia and ready to help you sign up with the Montana MMP. TAMARACK DISPENSARY STAFF The Tamarack Dispensary staff are professional, very resourceful and knowledgeable about all the products we carry. We are devoted to personalizing every experience, taking the time to thoroughly explain and answer any medical cannabis-related questions or concerns.

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