For those of you that are not familiar with what or how we operate we would like to take a minute to explain who we are and what we do. We make everything from scratch including the dough. We make everything in our tiny, stuffed trailer. It is a full commercial kitchen on wheels. Since everything is made from scratch, it takes more time to make. Many hours before we head out, we are prepping and baking. That way we are ready to sell when we arrive. So, there is no wait time if it is available. We make a set number of each filling of piroshki, it’s a really good idea to text or message us to reserve the filling you want. We can make more on the spot, but it takes about 40 mins to make them when everything is ready to assemble. We do have to let the dough rise before we can assemble. Piroshki translates to Hand Meat Pie. Almost every piroshki is handmade by Galina. Hopefully this year we will get her some help. Even after we have been on the streets, markets, and events we still get a lot of new people. Our goal this year is to introduce some more traditional fillings by way of specials. We know a lot of you have your favorites so we will do our best to keep the ones we have. We are doing our best to explain to everyone what a piroshki is and someday we would like to have the entire state of MT know what Piroshki are. Some days I am so tired, I ask myself why I am doing this. When I am doubting myself, Jeremy is always there to cheer me up and keep me going. Then I am reminded by the messages, texts, emails, and people commenting on how much they love them, and it reminds them of their childhood, making something like these with people that were special to them.

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