e have a short application to fill out and will answer all inquiries about kitties promptly. We like stable homes without an abundance of other pets so our little orphans will get the attention and love they have been lacking and so richly deserve. We do not believe in declawing. We also do not adopt young kittens to children under 8 years old. Older kitties are fine with young children as long as they are accustomed to them. Our adoption fees are $70.00 for kittens, $60.00 for adults and $50.00 for seniors. All of our kitties are spayed/neutered, vaccinated, dewormed, microchipped and litter box trained. You must sign an agreement that if the kitty doesn't work for any reason, you will return that kitty to KittyMOM's Rescue. We hold monthly adoption days at the Petco Store in Kalispell and keep kitties in the stationary cat cages at Petco. We screen our potential adopters very carefully because of our strong belief in placing the right cat with the right family. By doing so we rarely get a kitty returned because it "wasn't right".

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