Welcome to Big Sky Country Preschool & Infant Care, the best preschool in Kalispell, MT. We are a State certified preschool and infant care facility that respects and nurtures all developmental stages in a child’s life. We help facilitate learning by first providing a safe, nurturing environment. When children feel confident in their world, they learn skills more freely than if they were stressed or fearful. Second, we provide many learning opportunities that help support positive development in gross and fine motor skills, social and emotional development, language, literacy and cognitive development. Children learn best through play and by exploring their environment using all 5 senses. What does it taste, smell, feel, sound or look like?

Our qualified and experienced staff pride themselves in creating a home away from home atmosphere for all the children enrolled in our center. We go the extra mile to make all our children feel cherished, all the while encouraging confidence and a positive outlook toward the world around them.