Why Every Business Should Be on LinkedIn

Why Every Business Should Be on LinkedIn

Social media can provide businesses with a variety of benefits. But with so many different platforms to choose from, how can you tell which ones your business should use? One social media platform your business should definitely be using is LinkedIn. Keep reading to find out why this platform is a must for every business.

Brand Visibility

Making your brand more visible online is one of the biggest benefits of joining any social media platform. While other platforms are designed for both personal and professional use, LinkedIn is designed primarily for professional purposes. This makes it the perfect place to showcase information about your company. You can include a link to your LinkedIn profile on your business’ website so people can easily find updates and information about your company and your employees.

Improved SEO

SEO, or search engine optimization, is a process designed to make a website rank higher on search engine results pages. There are many different elements that factor into a website’s rankings, including how many other websites link to the website in question. Creating a LinkedIn profile for your company can help improve SEO by creating a new, high-quality link to your website. The better the rankings your website has for relevant keywords, the more likely people are to visit it when they’re looking for products and services you provide. 

Networking Opportunities

LinkedIn is an excellent tool for networking. People will be able to follow your company’s page so they will see any updates you post. You can also create an individual LinkedIn profile so that you can follow other businesses’ pages or connect with other professionals in your industry or community.

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