Have you been thinking of buying a big property in the rural areas where you have your own private wilderness and plenty of land? The deal can be very enticing, especially with the house prices dropping the further you go from the city. However, when buying property in rural areas there are a number of things that you have to consider that urban dwellers do not have to worry about.

Research the location
When purchasing any property whether it is in the city or in the rural areas, location is a very important aspect. You need to make sure that you purchase property in the right area close to all amenities because if you do not it can be a source of headache and hassle. When purchasing property in the rural areas, research the weather patterns of the area to find out if it is prone to thunderstorms or flooding and how likely they are to happen in the future.

Property boundaries
In any real estate transaction, it is vital that you know exactly what you are purchasing. This is especially true when buying property in the rural area where there are no boundary markings or landmarks. Double check the property size by visiting the county assessor’s office to find out the number of acres that are taxes on the property.

Is there safe drinking water?
Many rural properties draw their water from different private wells within their property. Wells can be contaminated with radon, chemicals or minerals. Always insist to have the water tested before you can make an offer. If the water is not safe factor in the cost of getting a water treatment plan.

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