Things to Do in Flathead Valley in the Summer Months

Montana’s Flathead Valley, located in the northwestern region of the state, lies between Flathead Lake and Glacier National Park. The region draws plenty of winter tourists interested in skiing and snowboarding. However, there are also lots of fun things to do and places to see in Flathead Valley during the summer months.

Things to Do at Flathead Lake

West of the Mississippi, Flathead Lake is the largest natural freshwater lake. Visitors can stroll along 185 miles of shoreline or paddle in more than 200 square miles of water. Swimming, boating, and picnicking are popular summertime activities at the lake. Visitors often head for the town of Somers at the western shore, which features an array of historic buildings. In Somers Bay, you’ll find a boat launch, yacht club, and swimming beach. Just south of Somers, in the town of Lakeside, you’ll find a few small shops, restaurants, cafes, and bakeries. If you plan to go sailing, head south of Lakeside for the town of Dayton. The winds at that part of Flathead Lake are perfect for sailing. Aim your sailboat for Wild Horse Island, which is a primitive state park home to wild horses, big horn sheep, bald eagles, and osprey.

Things to Do in Kalispell

Kalispell is the largest town in Flathead Valley, and it serves as the commercial hub. It’s the place to go if you’re looking for scenic views, outdoor recreation, and in-town activities. Kalispell is considered the cultural heart of Flathead Valley, with its art galleries, cultural events, and museums.

Things to Do in Polson

The town of Polson is located on the Flathead Indian Reservation. One of its most popular attractions is the 18-hole golf course. You can also learn about local history at the Polson-Flathead Historical Museum. Not too far away is the 18,500-acre National Bison Range at Moiese, where you can take a self-guided auto tour and look for bison, antelope, and elk.

Flathead Valley is a leading destination for visitors to beautiful Montana. If you’re planning a summer trip up north this year, be sure to check out the Flathead Valley Winter Adventure Guide. For further information, you can call their office in Kalispell, MT at (406) 758-4456.

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