The Importance of a Good Call to Action

When you are producing any content for your website , blog, or pay-per-click ads, you will want to drive customer action by creating a clear call to action—or CTA—somewhere on the page. A call to action may be the last paragraph of a blog, a button directing customers to add products to an online cart, or widgets directing readers to social media pages or further reading materials. No matter where a call to action takes your potential clients, it should be well-constructed to catch readers’ attention and achieve expectations for a given webpage or ad. Below you can get a closer look at why your call to action is important, no matter what type of content you’re posting.

Increased Customer Interactions

You might find that you have engaging copy in your ads, but customers are not acting on the offer or seeking more information. The problem may lie with your call to action, which should create a clear path for customers to follow. Be sure that the text of your CTA is simple and that it provides an accurate idea of what the next logical step in the purchase process is.

Higher Click-Through Rates

When you have a strong CTA, you’ll get more clicks to a given destination page, and that will improve click-through rates for your site. This can offer a boost for your search engine performance, since sites with higher rates of clicks are favored in search algorithms.

Better Insight for Future Campaigns

Varying a call to action on two versions of the same ad or landing page can be very insightful for a marketing campaign. You will be able to see exactly what type of design and wording is best for driving customers to click.

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