The 4 Different Kinds of Advertising

When it comes to advertising your business or product, you have many options. Knowing the differences between types of advertising can help you select the best option or multiple options for you. Advertising is a large part of a business’s branding, and how you choose to convey your message is important for having greatest chance of success.

  1. Email Marketing

Many businesses want to have their customers sign up for their email mailing list, so the business can keep their customers updated on new products, specials or expansions of services. Using a email marketing service can help you track customer emails and get your message into an attractive email template that can be then sent out to your customers.

  1. Print Advertising

Print advertising can come in the form of billboards, magazine and newspaper ads, and flyers sent to peoples’ homes. Print advertising is great if your customer demographic includes people who generally consume print media, or in the case of billboards, spend a large amount of time commuting.

  1. Social Media Management

Social media is the newest form of advertising, and a field that is rapidly expanding. Having social media accounts for your business, especially on Facebook and Instagram, as well as proper management of those platforms, can greatly boost your business’s online presence. Your customers can follow you on social media to get updates on products and specials. As e-commerce is becoming an important part of many businesses, utilizing all tools available to growing your web presence is vital.

  1. Websites

Speaking of online presence, pretty much any business operating today is going to want a website. Even if you have a large social media presence, your website serves as a one-stop shop for your brand, a place where your customers can go and get an immediate feel for your business. There are many website building services that can help you get a great looking site that is both functional and looks sharp.