If you’ve never snowboarded before, it’s highly recommended that you take a few lessons instead of trying to learn through trial and error. Snowboarding is more difficult than it looks, and beginners can expect to fall a few times before getting the hang of it. But the thrilling sensation of flying down the slopes (without falling) is well-worth the time you spend acclimating to the snowboard.

Getting Up the Mountain

If you’ve skied down a slope before, then you’re familiar with getting on and off a ski lift with your feet locked into the boots. With a snowboard , you’ll only have one foot secured in the binding—the dominant one. The other foot is left off the board so you can maneuver around the ski lift. Use your unattached back foot to push yourself along the snow. This is called “skating.”

Learning How to Fall

Falling is inevitable. If you learn how to fall properly, you shouldn’t get hurt. The number one thing to remember is to keep your arms and hands close to your body. Never outstretch your arms to break a fall, as you could sprain your wrist. Instead, bring your arms to your chest and bend your knees more to get your body closer to the ground before you completely lose your balance.

Crossing the Slope

Of course, even after you learn how to fall properly, you’ll still want to minimize the number of times you do fall. One of the most common reasons for falling is picking up too much speed. Ride across the slope, rather than straight down it. This helps moderate your speed. If you need to slow down even more, you can angle yourself back up the slope.

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