SEO Basics for Business Owners

These days, every business owner should have at least a passing knowledge of SEO, even though it’s usually more effective to outsource a company’s digital marketing needs to a full-service agency. SEO, or search engine optimization, is a set of strategies that digital marketers use to enhance the visibility of a website in order to increase its traffic and boost conversion rates.

Importance of SEO
So why, exactly, is SEO important for a company? These days, everyone searches for everything online. Good SEO practices encourage search engines like Google to propel a company’s website to the top of the rankings. This means that, when a user types in a search phrase, optimized websites will appear within the first handful of results. Since most Google searchers only check the first handful of search results, a company that’s buried on the second or third page won’t receive many website visitors. A company that does use good SEO practices will be listed near the top, which boosts website visitors and encourages those visitors to make purchases or book appointments.

Use of Strategic Keywords
One of the major components of SEO best practices is the proper use of appropriate keywords. A keyword can be one word or it may be a search phrase. It’s anything that a search engine user would type into Google to produce relevant search results. For example, let’s say you’re a certified financial advisor. Consider what your target audience would search for online. Perhaps they’d look for “retirement advice,” or “investment strategies,” or “portfolio diversification.”

Your website can use those keywords naturally in its content to attract search engine users. You can do this by publishing blog posts describing the importance of portfolio diversification, or writing a site page about how your business can help people plan for retirement. Keywords are important, but they are just one part of an overall SEO strategy. A digital marketer can develop a comprehensive SEO plan for your business.

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