Planning the Perfect Date Night


Between hectic work schedules, kids’ activities, and family demands, it can be hard for couples to get times to themselves to connect. That is why date night has become a cherished break for so many people. With a limited amount of time, it’s important to make every date night count. Have your date nights been lacking lately? Here are some strategies for making sure every date night is a great one.


Put It on the Calendar

If you and your partner are constantly juggling your schedules, it’s easy to let date night take a back burner to work demands and other things that need your attention. Date night won’t happen if you don’t make it a priority, so put it on your calendar like you would any other item on your schedule. If it’s on your calendar, you’re less likely to double book yourself and you’re more likely to stick with your plan. Having a reminder pop up on your phone will make it feel like a commitment rather than something optional that you hope to do.


Turn Off Your Phone

Nothing will put a damper on your date night like texting, checking your social media pages, or seeing a stressful work email. Make an agreement to put your phones away and focus on each other. If you simply must Instagram your date, take a pic at the start, post it, and then turn off your phone—or at least put it in airplane mode.  


Make Dinner a Tradition

In the movies, couples always have a restaurant that is “their place”—a restaurant where everyone knows them and where they celebrate all of their milestones. Find a place of your own by picking a favorite restaurant where you start out every date night. The shared experience will make you feel closer.


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