Essential Elements of Effective Blogs

Essential Elements of Effective Blogs


Blogging is an important part of any digital marketing plan. It gives you a chance to connect with customers and show your expertise. Of course, not all blogs are created equal, and if your blogs don’t have some very specific elements, then they are unlikely to help you achieve what you’d like. As you put together blogs for your brand, here are the elements that every post should have in place.


Have a Voice

Your customers don’t want to read bland, robotic posts on your blog. They want to see your voice and personality shine through. The voice for your blog should be in keeping with your brand—if your business is very serious, you don’t want a laugh-a-minute tone to your pieces—but it should sound like there is a personality behind your writing that remains consistent throughout your blog. People are more likely to engage and keep coming back to your brand if they feel like you’re being human and authentic.


Stay on Topic

Blog posts aren’t novels. If you write thousands of words and cover too many topics, your customers will instantly click away. Give each blog post a title that refers to a specific topic that you want to cover, and then cover that topic—and only that topic—in your post. It’s important to know your audience. If you’re writing for customers, remember that they don’t have the same kind of knowledge and experience in your industry as you, so keep things simple. If you’re writing B2B blog posts, you can be more technical, but still stick to a single topic per post.


Encourage Comments

Some businesses disable contents on their blogs because they are worried about negative feedback. However, this stops customers from engaging with you and seems inauthentic. Readers are savvy enough to know why comments are turned off on a blog. Open up the conversation and join it—you’ll get more traffic and engage customers with your brand.


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