Mexican dishes are delicious comfort foods that fill the belly and warm the soul. While those who live north of the border may assume that all Mexican foods are spicy, a surprising number of dishes and sauces aren’t. Here’s a quick look at what you can safely order in any Mexican restaurant, even if you prefer your meals on the mild side.

Ensaladas, or salads, are a staple at every restaurant, and Mexican restaurants are no exception. Depending on exactly what you order, a salad could be a full meal. Look for ensaladas made from a crispy tortilla bowl and filled with leafy greens and tomatoes. Choose a salad topped with chicken, shrimp, or steak to give your meal some protein. Avocado slices add healthy fats and flavor. Sprinkles of cheese and bacon are optional, but highly recommended.

Burritos are made with giant flour tortillas stuffed with all sorts of delicious ingredients. Usually, burritos contain beans, rice, and cheese. Commonly used vegetables are lettuce and tomatoes. There are many possible variations with ingredients like cactus, mushrooms, and your choice of meat. Look for carne asada if you’re a fan of steak. Carne asada is marinated, thinly sliced, and grilled beef that carries a delightful charred flavor. If the burrito you’re thinking of ordering contains pico de gallo, ask the server if the restaurant makes this particular sauce mild or spicy—it can vary.

Quesadillas are typically stuffed with cheddar and/or Monterey cheese, diced vegetables, and beans or diced meats. Most versions of quesadillas aren’t spicy, but do scrutinize the ingredients list. Some of them have jalapenos, which are definitely spicy, and pico de gallo or salsas, both of which may or may not be spicy. Feel free to ask the server to omit the jalapenos and use the mildest salsa available.

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