If you're like most people, chances are you always look forward to eating a good taco. While you may have a favorite restaurant for tacos or you may have the process of cooking and preparing tacos down to a science, you may not know which beverages are best to drink when you eat tacos. Here are some of the best beers to pair with your tacos.

West Coast IPAs

West Coast IPAs are a type of beer that was created in California to be paired with tacos. The bitterness of the hop and the alcohol help accentuate the richness of the meat in the taco while refreshing the palate. The hop's citrus flavors will complement any salsa or citrus juice that you add to your taco. ThE IPA's hops will intensify the heat of the salsa.

Vienna Lager

The Vienna Lager is another good option if you want a beverage that will go well with your taco. The flavor of this beer will not overpower the taste of the mild or spicy taco fillings. The flavor of the Vienna Lager has a depth to it that will enable it to cut through the rich taste of spicy salsa or guacamole.


If you're going to eat a taco made from chicken or carnitas, you should consider drinking an amber ale like Bell's Amber. The bitterness of the hob in the amber ale will complement the rich flavor of the guacamole as well as the flavor of the cilantro and sweet tomato in your taco.Porter or brown ale is a good choice for carne asada. These beers have a roasty flavor, which will go well with the taste of the meat. If there is plenty of heat in your taco from a spicy sale, the malt will help tone down the heat. A hop-bitter beer is ideal if you want your taco to be as spicy and hot as possible.

Choosing the right beer can make your taco taste even better than it already does. As for where to find the best beer and taco combination, check out Vaqueros, where you'll find a great selection of Mexican cuisine.

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