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Is Skiing Harder to Master than Snowboarding?

If you have never hit the snow before, it's hard to know whether to start with snowboarding or skiing. When it comes to learning, skiing is much easier to pick up than snowboarding. However, skiing is much harder to master than snowboarding. At places like Flathead Valley in Montana, you can try out both and see for yourself which one is easier.

Skiing can feel a lot more intuitive in the beginning. You use both of your legs separated on two different skis. If you feel yourself losing balance, you can simply readjust one leg to regain your balance again. With a snowboard, it can feel rather clunky at first to have both feet attached to the snowboard and try to steer. The body position can also have an effect. When you are skiing you are looking and facing forward, giving you a perspective that feels natural. With snowboarding, you can only see from the side as you come down a hill, which takes a little getting used to.

Still, if you can get past the adventure of getting used to snowboarding, you may find it to be much easier than you thought. Skiing, once you get past the initial honeymoon (which usually happens after two days), can seem much more difficult. Having two skis to deal with instead of one has its own set of challenges. As you move up to more difficult slopes, you begin to realize that it's hard to keep the skis from bumping into each other. There are a lot of new techniques to learn and practice to keep yourself from falling and having your skis run into each other.

If you are not feeling sure which one to start with, why not start with an experienced guide who can take you to the right slope for your skill level? That way, you can have someone there to show you the ropes, and pick out some really amazing spots to go skiing or snowboarding. Why not try both and see which sport works best for you?

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