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5 Best Breweries in Montana

There is a lot to do in Montana, and eventually, you'll work up a thirst. Fortunately, there are no shortage of amazing breweries for you to finish after a long day of hiking, rowing, or sightseeing. Here is a quick guide to five of the very best breweries in Montana!

Backslope Brewing

While a great drink is amazing in and of itself, there is nothing quite like the perfect combination of cool brews and hot eats. That is exactly what is offered by Backslope Brewing, a brewery that specializes in using locally-sourced materials to create something truly special. Whether you are a resident or are just passing through, Backslope makes you feel like you are home!

406 Bar and Grill

Sometimes, it feels good to act like James Bond and embrace a night of classy drinking and smooth socializing. This is what is on tap at the 406 Bar and Grill, a place that specializes in martinis (shaken, stirred, and everything in-between) as well as other cocktails. There is even an extensive tapas menu that allows you to take your pub grub to the next level.

Kalispell Brewing Company

It’s impossible to think about the Flathead Valley without thinking about nature. This is an area of hiking, whitewater rafting, and stargazing. At Kalispell Brewing, the workers are just as enthusiastic about exploring the natural world as anyone in the area. They put that love of nature into all of their handcrafted brews, creating a taste that’s just as breathtaking as the snow on top of a mountain!


Many people like to spend a full night wandering into many of their favorite establishments. For instance, a full night may involve great food, smooth drinks, and some heart-racing games of poker. Casey’s provides a single place that you can do every single one of these things. The impressively-stocked bar rotates new items in every season, the food menu caters to every taste, and poker comes in both casual games and tournaments.

Los Caporales Authentic Mexican Food

While everyone has had Mexican food, few people have tasted Mexican food as good as that made by Los Caporales. There are unique, unforgettable dishes such as wet burritos, and these are set off perfectly by the wide selection of imported and domestic brews and house-made margaritas. Cap the night off in style at the in-house casino!

As you can see, there are all kinds of breweries offered in Montana. Next time you plan to visit this state, check out Winter Adventure Guide, where you'll find a great selection of breweries, restaurants, sights to see, and more.

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